Tech Experience played a crucial role in helping Brebeuf College present their achievements and animate their fundraiser for 500 guests. Here are the services provided for the event:

  • Custom LED Screens: Two (2) custom large format LED screens, which served as the main displays for showcasing the college’s achievements and fundraising initiatives. LED screens offer high-quality visuals and are perfect for large events and tradeshows.
  • Synchronized Monitors: 10 synchronized monitors were strategically placed throughout the venue to ensure all guests had a clear view of the content being presented. Synchronized monitors allow for seamless content display across multiple screens.
  • AV Management: Tech Experience was responsible for managing the audiovisual setup for the evening. This included coordinating the setup of LED screens and monitors, ensuring proper connectivity and functionality.

By providing top-notch audiovisual equipment and expertise, Tech Experience helped Brebeuf College create an engaging and visually captivating experience for their 500 guests, making the fundraiser event a success.